Webinars and Workshops

Webinars and Workshops

Branding Webinars

We’ve produced several popular educational webinars that will help you not only understand how branding will help you build your business, but also help you sell and have conversations with prospects and clients.

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“Common Mistakes Designers Make with Branding, and How to Fix Them”

“How to Make $20K to $50K on Your Next Branding Project—Before You Even Start Designing”

“How to Position Yourself as a Branding Expert—Even if You’ve Never Done it Before”

“Successful Student Webinar”

“How to Interest Clients in the Real Value of Branding, So You Can Charge What it’s Worth”

“How to Pitch and Win Branding Projects”

“Developing Your Inner Game as a Branding Consultant”


Brand Academy Certification Workshop

Our Brand Academy Certification Workshop is the only workshop that certifies graphic designers in business building branding created specifically for designers by designers, at a very affordable investment.

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We will take you by the hand and lead you through our proprietary process for building strong brands for clients—a process your clients need, want, and are willing to pay for. You’ll learn details of the same process we have used, and are still using, with our clients for $20,000 to $50,000 branding projects.

We know what you’re going through because we’ve been there – we are designers, no different than you

We based our businesses on graphic design. Any strategic thinking we did was background material we gave away for little or free, in order to get the design work. We’d glean information from our clients, then go back to our studios, do some research on the industry, check out our client’s competition, immerse ourselves in design inspiration, and dive into the design work. When presenting our solutions, we’d hope the client would take our word for it when we gave our rationale for the work. Sometimes they would. Sometimes they wouldn’t. Often, decisions were made by committees, or by the client’s preferences.

“I don’t like that color.”
“It just doesn’t do anything for me.”
“I can’t tell you why, but I just don’t like it.”
“Can we see something else?”

It used to drive us crazy!

We wanted a way to control the design process. To have our work valued. To really help our clients strategically. And to get paid for what our work was worth.

This is how our Brand Academy Process was born. And this is what we teach at our Brand Academy Certification Workshops.


They’re small and interactive

We cap attendance at our exclusive workshops to a small, intimate group so you can ask lots of questions and interact. And you won’t need to worry about local competition—we only admit one creative firm per geographic area.

You’ll also get certified in the Brand Academy Process

And now, by attending one of our 2-day Brand Academy Certification Virtual Workshops and successfully completing the Day 2 Branding Expert exam, you’ll not only learn everything you need to know to lead clients through the valuable Brand Academy Process for a minimum of $20,000 per project, you’ll also gain certification as a Brand Academy Certified Branding Expert.

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Find out more information about our next workshop and register here.

Because of changes in our circumstances, we are doing most of our workshops virtually now. This actually makes the training more accessible to a wider spectrum of designers. And if you just can’t make it to one of our live (virtual) workshops, we also do private virtual mentoring.