LIVE BRANDING WEBINAR with Marcia Hoeck & Ed Roach

“How to Interest Clients in the Real Value of Branding"

(So You Can Charge What It's Worth)



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    The real value strategic branding brings to your clients—benefits they'll be truly interested in and want to invest in.

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    How to talk about and engage clients and prospects in the value you can bring to their organizations with branding.

We know that the real value of branding is in helping clients with their reputations in the marketplace, so their brand becomes a strong magnet for customers. Clients need it to compete, but because they are confused about what branding can do, they often pass it by.

In this webinar, we'll show how you can focus on the strategic brand attributes that can make a real difference for your clients, and how these affect their exposure, profits, and influence with their audiences. This is so different than talking about design, which clients often don't recognize as valuable in actually boosting their bottom line.

These conversations create interest, engagement, and sales—for you. Including the high-end design projects you want.

Let’s talk about how you can interest clients in the real value of branding in this complimentary webinar. Just put your name and email in the form above and we'll send you the information to join the webinar.

Marcia Hoeck

Ed Roach

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“Even going to the major design conferences, I’ve never gotten this much targeted information to help my business. This is definitely getting me excited.” —Tracy O’Shaughnessy, Designgrrl Studio, Pflugerville, TX