LIVE BRANDING WEBINAR with Marcia Hoeck & Ed Roach

Successful Students Webinar

Hear How Our Successful Branding Students are Transforming Their Businesses

—Live on the Webinar, Directly From Them



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    Success stories live, directly from our branding students

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    How they have used what they learned from Brand Academy training

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    How adding strategic branding has helped their businesses

We've been hearing from our successful branding students behind the scenes, and we've persuaded a few of them to come on live to talk about their experiences after training with Brand Academy. Instead of just hearing from us about the transformation that can happen for your business when you focus on strategic branding, you'll be hearing from designers just like you who have seen transformations in their own businesses. You won't want to miss this webinar!

"I was looking for a way to get better at sales, and this is it. It’s like learning a new language—I know I’ll get taken more seriously now on the CEO side. Your process works, your teaching works, EVERYTHING about this just works! I cannot thank you both enough!”

- C.J. Higginbotham, Leap Creative Services, Orlando, FL

Marcia Hoeck

Ed Roach

“Hi Marcia and Ed, I landed my first official branding project with an existing client. They are paying the full $20,000 and this was exactly what they seem to need. I received several compliments at the end of our meeting, people thought it was great.  As an extra plus, they’re now talking app development, rebranding, website redesign…the list goes on. It all played out exactly like you said it would.

I’m also happy I invested in the coaching. After listening to the recording I realize how priceless your advice was. Thanks for all of your help! I can honestly say that deciding to go to the HOW Conference (where I heard you both speak) was the best business move I have ever made.”

- Abraham, Brooklyn, NY

WOW:  This is an updated repeat of our popular interview with live students talking about their real successes with the Brand Academy branding process, so register now to avoid missing out. This webinar will be packed with high quality content to benefit your business. Enter your name and email address above to get webinar access details.