Programs to Drive Profits for Both You and Your Clients

Developed correctly, branding can do more than anything else to plant a preference for your client’s organization, product, or service firmly in the minds of their customers. And if you lead them through it correctly, your clients will pay you well for it.

But you may have been shying away from offering true branding, calling your work visual branding or identity packages instead, because you just weren’t sure about the strategic part of branding. Isn’t that something the big guys do? Or you may have been doing some messaging and positioning for your clients and practically (or actually) giving it away, just to get the design work—does that ring a bell?

There’s a much easier, and more profitable, way to do it. With a step-by-step branding process that uncovers truths about your clients’ organizations—leading to authentic brands that will create market opportunities for them for years to come—you’ll deliver substantial benefits that they’ll want (and be willing to pay for), before you even start to design.

Clients want it. And you can do it.

If you’re new to us, and interested in learning our proven branding process:


The Brand Academy Process

Our Brand Academy Process was developed jointly by Marcia Hoeck and Ed Roach over a period of eight years. We’ve used it with our own clients, ranging from Fortune 1000 companies to mid-sized industrial to small business and non-profits, to raise our profiles and lead to high-level design work. We made it flexible so it works with any company, of any size, in any industry.

Our clients invest $20,000 to $50,000 each to have us guide them through our Brand Academy Branding Process, and that’s before we even begin the design work. Then, when the strategic development is complete, Brand Academy clients only want to work with us for the brand design work, as we know their authentic brand so well.

And now, our proprietary Brand Academy Branding Process is available to you through workshops, one-on-one training, our 99-page step-by-step Brand Academy Handbook, and certification as a Brand Academy Certified Branding Expert.

Brand Academy Workshop

Our Brand Academy Workshops are how most of our students learn our strategic branding process. This two-day intensive is taught virtually by veteran branding experts Marcia Hoeck and Ed Roach. Click here for more information and to register for the next Brand Academy Workshop.

Brand Academy One-on-One Training

Don’t want to wait for the next Brand Academy Workshop to learn our powerful proprietary branding process? We also train design firms and solo designers individually, one-on-one. Email us for information and availability of individual Brand Academy training at marcia (at)

Brand Academy Handbook

Did you ever wish you had a blueprint for exactly what to do, what to say, and how to involve your clients in the strategy part when solving branding challenges for them? This is the 99-page manual we wrote for ourselves, to help us as we guide our clients step-by-step through our proprietary branding process. Click here for more info about the Brand Academy Handbook.


If you are a Brand Academy Workshop Graduate:

We offer personalized coaching programs specifically geared to graduates of our Brand Academy Workshop. Yes, we download a lot of information to you during the two full days of the Workshop—kinda like that old fire hose analogy—and many of our students want support for a bit afterwards.

Like when you’re nervous going into a pitch, in a tough spot working with a new client, for as-you-need-it support for the most effective strategies for busting through fear and working in your genius zone, and using the tools you need to support you along the way, we’ll be there with you. Our coaching packages are about moving forward, thinking big, and making the unique difference you know you can make—while increasing courage, confidence, and influence in your business and ability to partner with the high-end clients you most want to serve.

Our coaching packages are for you if you’re a graduate of one of our Brand Academy Workshops (it doesn’t matter if you took our workshop last month or three years ago), and are a designer or brand strategist who is looking for:

• ongoing support, guidance, and accountability from two seasoned in-the-trenches branding experts to help you follow through with what you’ve learned,

• inspiration to keep your mindset revved, and momentum to keep you productive and actually doing the work.


Coaching Packages

Our strategic branding coaching packages range from Jump Start to Kickin’ Butt, depending on the number of coaching calls in the package you choose. All packages include emergency email and telephone support between scheduled coaching calls and recordings of sessions. Email us for a list of packages available at marcia (at)

Hourly Coaching

Coaching by the hour with either Marcia or Ed. Just drop us a line at marcia (at) and we’ll set you up.       $250 per hour


Email Coaching by the Question

We realize you may sometimes have a simple question or two that can be answered via email. Because we want to make this available but can’t possibly answer all graduates’ ongoing questions at no charge, we’ve set up an easy way for you to ask questions, get the answers you need, and pay via PayPal. You can use Email Coaching by the Question as often as you like!

One question for $30

Two questions for $50


Email Question Guidelines

Available to Brand Academy Workshop graduates only. Your question must be able to be answered via one email response by either Marcia or Ed. If your question is complex and requires a discussion, or if Marcia or Ed require more information in order to be able to answer your question, the topic would be better answered with hourly coaching.

Email Coaching by the Question will only be available for simple, concise, to-the-point questions that can be answered in one email reply.

Email Coaching by the Question will only be available for branding questions, not for general business questions.