How to Pitch and Win Branding Projects

How to Pitch and Win Branding Projects

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 How to Pitch and Win Branding Projects


Do you struggle with finding the right clients for high level branding, clients who will pay what your work is worth?


 Do you hate the selling process, and feel icky, salesy, and pushy about the whole thing?


 Do you lose pitches to other firms when you know you are better than them, and best suited for the job?


 Are you unsure about how to talk about pricing during a pitch?


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“How to Pitch and Win

Branding Projects”

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We’ll be talking about:


How to position selling to engage the client’s interest

It’s no wonder your pitches aren’t successful in engaging clients when you fear them so much yourself. If you change the way you position selling so you don’t come off as trying to sell, clients are more interested in finding out how they can buy.


Why “who and how” you target makes selling easier

You sometimes look for love in all the wrong places. When a client has bad marketing and graphics, that doesn’t make him ideal for branding. And a client with great marketing and graphics could be a perfect fit for branding, and a dream to work with. We’ll talk about how to spot the difference, and why one of these clients will pay a whole lot better than the other.


Why nothing is more important than your ability to show confidence

Clients can smell a lack of confidence miles away, and it turns them off like nothing else, regardless of your amazing abilities. And if you don’t show confidence in your pitch, you don’t get the job. We’ll talk about ways to boost your confidence authentically so prospects feel good about putting their trust in you—instead of your competitor.


How to take the fear out of talking about price

When should you bring up your price? How do you talk about it without wavering or letting the client get the upper hand? We’ll give you our pricing strategies so clients see the value, in non-icky, non-salesy ways.


In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • how to change the conversation so you don’t come off as trying to sell, and clients are more interested in finding out how they can buy
  • how to look for the best branding opportunities, the clients who value and will pay for good work
  • how to turn any client conversation into a branding conversation, so selling becomes more natural and just part of what you do
  • how to show more confidence in your pitch so clients are more willing to put their trust in you and you win more of your proposals
  • how to build your confidence authentically and practically instead of just wishing you were a more confident presenter
  • when and how to talk about price so it doesn’t feel scary or salesy, and gets less push-back from clients


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