How To Leave Same-Old, Same-Old Design Firms Behind

How To Leave Same-Old, Same-Old Design Firms Behind

How To Leave Same-Old, Same-Old Design Firms Behind

What does every graphic design firm have in common? Well, just about everything.

If you happen to bundle a group of graphic design firm websites together and analyze them, you’ll quickly see they all appear very much alike. It’s as though they’re all singing from the same song sheet. They’re all using the latest web dynamics, all have a portfolio section, and all tout that they do branding. Not much differentiation here.

Designers see branding as a visual solution

Let’s hit that branding link. What you undoubtedly find is they all will show their belief that branding is a visual solution. We know this to be the case, because it’s apparent most design firms see branding as a logo. Re-branding to most design firms is changing the logo and marketing materials. Right? The conversation is the same with everyone.

Strategy is more valuable to your clients

If you really want to stand out among your peers, you may want to consider being a strategic design firm. Positioning yourself as a strategic thinker places a great deal more value on your work, in the eyes of your clients. Decisions you make regarding branding are based on using strategy to define your clients’ differentiation in their markets (with design to follow, of course). Being a strategic thinker opens up opportunities with higher value clients who need leverage to compete.

Your peers are not offering strategic branding

With strategy, your conversation is distinctly different than that of your “branding is a visual solution” peers. As a matter of fact, many of our students, having been certified in strategic branding, have quickly discovered that they enjoy being the only designers in their markets offering a strategic branding solution. That alone energizes them, and allows them to get more cash (as well as results) for their efforts.

Who’s not interested in opening a new revenue stream and leaving competing design firms in their dust?

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