Developing Your Inner Game as a Branding Consultant

Developing Your Inner Game as a Branding Consultant

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Developing Your Inner Game as a Branding Consultant


Do you sometimes struggle with getting your clients to understand the true importance of branding,

and feel you may be making mistakes in the way you present it to them?


Are you looking to establish a strong branding strategy within your own business?


Do you need a way to help position yourself as a branding expert,

without feeling icky, salesy, or in-authentic about it?


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“Developing Your Inner Game

as a Branding Consultant” 


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Your mindset about branding influences how successfully you can sell it

If you’re designing logos and identity packages as branding efforts for your clients, you could be doing them a disservice—by stopping short of what they really need and are willing to invest in. You may not have ever offered a complete branding program, engaged a client team in the process and charged for your up-front work, or added non-design elements your clients want and will pay well for. All because you may not have put a stake in the ground to position yourself as a branding expert.


Banish your mistakes, gain client buy-in, and lead the way to high-level design work

In this new complimentary webinar, branding veterans Marcia Hoeck and Ed Roach discuss the common mistakes you may be making with branding that sabotage your approach before you even get started. You’ll learn how to think about branding and present it to clients on a broader business level, engage them and bring them on board to gain their buy-in about the high value of branding, and smooth the path for additional high-level design work to follow.


Position your firm without feeling icky

We’ll also explore the basic concept of positioning your firm, what it really is and why it’s critical to your growth, why you’re reluctant to do it, and why and how to steer that positioning towards the very profitable branding niche.

You’ll learn how to segue gracefully into the role of branding expert even if you’ve never done the complete kind of high-revenue-producing branding programs we recommend.


Master conversations, gain respect, and really help your clients

We’ll talk about the basic concepts of mastering initial conversations to interest the kind of clients you want to work with for branding, and show you how to gain respect and credibility by helping clients and prospects with their own pressing business challenges, while opening the door to complete high-revenue-producing branding programs.


In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to help your clients recover from their own “branding debt” (and how to talk about it)
  • How to avoid the most common branding mistakes
  • How to have more important conversations with clients who will value you strategically
  • How to stop selling and start helping your clients want to buy
  • How every conversation can be a branding conversation (and how to make it so)
  • Why it’s so difficult to position your firm, and how you can get over it
  • What positioning has to do with confidence
  • How narrowing your positioning will open doors instead of close them for you
  • What qualifies you as an expert, anyway?
  • What you need to know about branding to be believable in that positioning
  • How to present your branding expertise without feeling icky or salesy
  • Practical steps to build both your confidence and positioning with clients

and more.


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Marcia and Ed