How to draw attention to your brand

How to draw attention to your brand

How to draw attention to your brand

Your brand is all about who you are—what your reputation is. And contrary to the popular business motto, “It’s all about who you know,” the reality is closer to, “It’s about who knows you.” And frankly, they can’t know you if you do nothing to draw them to you. You have to do what it takes to draw that attention. It has to be a concentrated effort and one that is consistent with your brand values.

Blogging showcases your knowledge

One of my favourite methods to draw that attention is by blogging. This is where you get the opportunity to show what you know. Readers can quickly see if you have the kind of knowledge that could benefit them. Blogging allows you to share what you know with people who are searching for it. That could be personal experiences, how-to, resources, and contacts you’ve accumulated over the years. The biggest mistake you can make with blogging is writing too many posts that are “salesy.” Salesy makes it about you and it should be all about your audience—and what they need. Blog posts don’t have to be lengthy, either, although they can be. The point isn’t that you write a book, it’s more about the content.  Sometimes I just draw the audience’s attention to something new I think they might find useful.

Use email marketing to show value and to sell

Another favourite channel is email marketing. This relies on an email list of people who want to get what you’re putting out there. They become your private audience. Newsletters are wonderful channels to give your potential customers plenty of valuable content, and also to sell. What you send out should have that un-salesy content, and newsletters also offer the opportunity to show what you offer. You can grow your list by giving something of value on your website. To get this bonus, your audience registers with their email address and

gets on your mailing list. To grow our list, Marcia and I offer our educational branding webinars and webinar replays on our website, and you can also offer white papers, special reports, ebooks, and videos. Whatever you offer to grow your list, be sure it has genuine value.

Public speaking personalizes your brand

Have you ever considered public speaking as a way to draw attention to yourself and your brand? There are opportunities for this in your home territory as well as around the world. Public speaking is a great way to connect. At the end of your talk, most venues allow you to promote yourself. If you have a book, ebook, or special report, this is where you can hawk them or give away several.

Networking opens doors

You may have also guessed that networking on and offline is another way to draw advocates for your brand. Over time, this notoriety even draws the attention of the media who seek out the opinions of experts in their fields (blogging also draws media attention). You know what you’re doing is working when this starts to happen. It happens because all the mentions of you online draws the attention of search engines, and from that you will be approached. This is very exciting when it happens.

Who knows you?

Here’s the bottom line for extending your own brand: “It’s not who you know, but who knows you” that draws business your way.

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