Comprehensive Brand Academy Strategic Branding Handbook

Comprehensive Brand Academy Strategic Branding Handbook

Our Comprehensive Brand Academy Strategic Branding Handbook:

A Graphic Designer’s Guide to Developing Authentic Brands for Clients


Did you ever wish you had a blueprint for exactly what to do, what to say, and how to involve your clients in the strategy part when solving branding challenges for them? This is the 99-page manual we wrote for ourselves, to help us as we guide our clients step-by-step through our proprietary branding process.

The Handbook is the only place you will get full written documentation of our confidential Brand Academy Process. It’s a powerful tool. With it, you will be able to attract a higher level of client, be a trusted partner to them instead of being seen as a vendor, say goodbye to competing on price, and bring a significant new stream of income into your business.


You won’t have to guess about what works. We tested it for you.

The Brand Academy Handbook will take you step-by-step through a proven process for guiding clients and uncovering truths about their organizations, leading to authentic brands that will create market opportunities for their organizations for years to come. We’ve proven it over many years with many clients, and have used it to create $20,000 to $50,000 branding projects—programs clients are happy to invest in because they can see the value.

Developed correctly, branding can do more than anything else to plant a preference for your client’s organization, product, or service firmly in the minds of their customers.

And if you lead them through it, your clients will pay you well for it.

Strong brands have an impact on the brain

A neurological study at the University of Munich in Germany using MRI technology to monitor brain activity revealed evidence that strong brands have a larger impact on the brain than lesser-known brands, regardless of what product the brand is known for.

The study suggests that it’s not the product—like cars, which people expect to be associated with positivity and self-identification—that evokes positive brain activity. It appears to be the strength of the brand, and the positive emotions tied to it.

This is exciting proof that a strong brand can be a powerful differentiator. It’s proof that you can do much to help differentiate organizations—to stand out in the marketplace, create raving fans, and demand premium prices—by strengthening the power of their brands.

You’ll learn how to do that with The Brand Academy Handbook.

We’ve given you the details

And it’s easier than you might think! We’ve given you details of every step you’ll need to take along the way, so the process will unfold in an organized, easy, and almost effortless manner. All you have to do is put the system in place, follow the instructions and worksheets, and watch the process unfold. You’ll be amazed at the body of important work you’ll uncover for the direction of your clients’ organizations, just by taking your clients through the simple exercises.

The Brand Academy Process and Handbook were carefully crafted over a period of eight years by veteran branding experts Marcia Hoeck and Ed Roach, during which time they were used extensively by both Marcia and Ed in their separate design and branding firms.

This is the step-by-step guide you’ve been looking for. Here’s what’s in it. . .

You get the best of both of us

There are three copy tracts running through the handbook.

1. Marcia’s voice
2. Ed’s voice
3. A sample script for you to use or adapt with your clients

“I’ve been selling branding strategy for awhile but didn’t have the full structure I needed. Your process provides a wonderful structure. It makes it easier for me to work with my clients. And the Handbook is very thorough, it’s all in there. You guys did a great job of explaining how it all works, and I can use this right away in my business. Thank you both so much, I’m very happy to have gone through this process with you.”

—Niger Miles, Mark by Fire Branding Strategies, Brooklyn, NY, workshop attendee 2014, private certification 2015

“A big item that sold me on the workshop to begin with is the Handbook with scripts, questionnaires, and worksheets that I can now go back to and reference when needed. This is just what we needed.”

—Christian Drury, Brightwell, Hoboken, NJ, workshop attendee 2017

Our voices

Because we think you can learn best by learning from each of us individually as well as together (and there’s no effective way to glom us together anyway), you’ll hear both of our voices here.

The main text of the manual and process is in my (Marcia’s) voice, detailing our core system. We’ve both agreed on the main points of the process, and it just made sense for me to write it—I just naturally think and write this way. Of course, I can’t help but add my own slant to the base text.

You’ll also hear from Ed, in his voice, as he fleshes out certain areas with important detail and in-the-trenches insight. Ed’s voice is direct and instructional, so you’ll get a chance to understand the process from his eyes as well as mine. In this way you get the best of each of us—unplugged—instead of a watered down combination which might lose something in the translation.

At various points throughout the handbook, we’ve also added wording for you to use when guiding your clients through The Brand Academy Process. One of the things we’ve heard from you most is that you want the words—you want to know what to actually say when selling and presenting branding. So we’ve given you some of our scripts, the actual words we use when talking with our own clients and prospects about branding. Feel free to use these scripts exactly or as guidelines to help make your point and stay focused.


Exercises and worksheets

We walk you A to Z through the exercises you’ll do with clients, and we give you our worksheets, too. It’s all included in the handbook, for you to use “as-is” or customize to fit the way you work.

“Branding the organization is inevitable . . . Simply by virtue of existing and interacting with others, the organization is branding itself. Therefore, branding is going to happen whether the process is managed or not. The choice is only whether to approach the brand proactively, or ignore and deny it and hope that the issue goes away.”

—Danielle Blumenthal, Blumenthal on Branding

Things to talk about with clients—Branding 101

We know how difficult it can be to talk off-the-cuff about branding when you’ve got a live branding prospect right in front of you, so the Handbook also includes a section on Branding 101:

  • The elements of a brand
  • What makes branding work?
  • The ROI of branding
  • How people buy
  • The importance of controlling an organization’s brand, and
  • Pre-branding worksheets

Re-read this section before you go in for a pitch, or when you think a branding conversation could come up. You’ll have very interesting things to talk about that people really want to hear.

The 10 steps to the process

The bulk of the 99 pages is filled with the actual steps in the Brand Academy Branding Process, including detailed explanations, exercises, rationales, testing your work, worksheets, and things to watch out for.

In a nutshell, here’s what you get:

  • Full written documentation of the Brand Academy Strategic Branding Process
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to guide your clients through the process
  • Marcia’s explanations and points of view, in her voice
  • Ed’s explanations and points of view, in his voice
  • Sample exact-wording scripts, for you to use as-is or as templates with clients and prospects
  • Exercises and worksheets for use with your clients
  • Branding 101 content for use with educating and pitching
  • Confidence in a beautiful 3-ring binder and frosted case

Ready to get started?

Now that you know how the Brand Academy Strategic Branding Handbook can help you, here are the two ways you can get it:

1. The first is by attending one of our workshops with the Full Access Pass (this is the best deal and the most fun!).


2. But if you don’t want to wait for the workshop, or simply can’t attend live, you can purchase the Handbook itself by using the PayPal link below. (Don’t forget, you can also sign up for one-on-one training and we’ll guide you through the manual, and help you implement what you learn. Email us for more info at marcia (at)

The investment for the Brand Academy Strategic Branding Handbook is $3,000.00 plus tax.