Common Mistakes Designers Make with Branding

Common Mistakes Designers Make with Branding

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If you saw us at HOW Design Live,

or if you’ve been listening to our HOW webinars,

then you know the content of this webinar is what started the excitement.


We first presented this webinar to the HOW Design audience in the summer of 2013 and it was such a hit, we were quickly asked to do it again—the same exact content! Of course it would have been possible just to rerun the recording as a repeat webinar, or sell the recording through the HOW website, but they asked us to present it again, live—because of the overwhelmingly positive response from the HOW audience.

Later, after several other in-depth branding webinars for HOW, we presented “Common Mistakes Designers Make with Branding” to a sell-out crowd at HOW Design Live. Originally, it was to be a break-out session, but because registrations for our session continued to grow, they moved us to the main stage, and we ended up presenting in front of 850 people who came to hear this exact message.


We heard these kinds of comments from many in the audience that day:

“I saw you present at HOW which left quite an impact on me. Your presentation resonated with me the most out of the entire conference.”


This webinar is the same exact content we shared

in those two webinars for HOW and at HOW Design Live—

so be sure to listen in!


We’ll be talking about:


How you are limiting your earning potential

In this webinar, we will be discussing the common mistakes designers make with branding that sabotage your work before you even get started. We’ll show you how to think about branding and present it to clients on a broader business level, so you’ll gain their enthusiastic support and understanding of its value—which means you can charge what it’s really worth and never give away your strategy work (as a cost of doing business) again.

How to fix your mistakes and gain client buy-in for branding

Many design tutorials focus on design. This webinar is more about building your business with a powerful tool: the strategy and rationale needed to educate clients on the process of branding, engage them and bring them on board to gain their buy-in about the high value of branding, and smooth the path for additional high-level design work to follow.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The 3 biggest mistakes designers make with branding
  • How these mistakes are seriously limiting your earning potential
  • How to make money with branding before the design work even begins
  • How to use branding as a springboard to additional important graphic design work
  • How to make your branding work more accepted by the client while making the design process easier for you

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Marcia and Ed


“I have seen all of your webinars through HOW and think you are brilliant. I want to attend your workshop, but since I am just graduating this month, don’t think I can swing it by then. However, if there is an additional date that I can start saving and planning for that would be awesome. Thank you!”


“I can honestly say that deciding to go to the HOW Conference (where I heard you speak) was the best business move I have ever made.”

—Abraham, workshop attendee and student 2015 – 2017

“I heard Marcia and Ed speak about the mistakes designers make at HOW Conference and listened to their webinars, and knew I wanted to do the workshop—and now, after the workshop, it’s really sinking in. I feel confident now, with the detailed strategies Marcia and Ed shared, to win the projects we want and be able to guide our clients strategically.”

—April 2015 workshop participant

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