LIVE BRANDING WEBINAR with Marcia Hoeck & Ed Roach

How to Position Yourself as a Branding Expert (even if you've never done it before)



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    How narrowing your positioning will open doors instead of close them for you

  • 2

    What qualifies you as an expert, anyway? What does it really mean to be an expert?

  • 3

    What you need to know about branding to be believable in that positioning

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    How to present your branding expertise without feeling icky or salesy

So, what would qualify you as a branding expert? Just who the heck do you think you are, anyway, to claim a title like that?

In this second webinar in our series on developing branding to build your business, veteran branding experts Marcia Hoeck and Ed Roach will explore the basic concept of positioning your firm, what it really is and why it’s critical to your growth, why you’re reluctant to do it, and why and how to steer that positioning towards the very profitable branding niche.

You’ll also learn how to segue gracefully into the role of branding expert even if you’ve never done the complete kind of high-revenue-producing branding programs Marcia and Ed recommend.

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“Hi Marcia and Ed, I landed my first official branding project with an existing client. They are paying the full $20,000 and this was exactly what they seem to need. I received several compliments at the end of our meeting, people thought it was great.  As an extra plus, they’re now talking app development, rebranding, website redesign…the list goes on. It all played out exactly like you said it would.

"I can honestly say that deciding to go to the HOW Conference (where I heard you both speak) was the best business move I have ever made.”

- Abraham, Brooklyn, NY

“I told Marcia and Ed that I was expecting a lot from the branding workshop, and I was not disappointed. The value well exceeded the investment and I’ll be able to use this information immediately. It’s an epiphany that I haven’t been charging for my strategic work—no giving it away anymore! And, the ‘Ed and Marcia Show’ was fun!”

- Damon Andersen, Creative Reservoir, Omaha, NE

Marcia Hoeck

Ed Roach

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"Wow—I had a great experience today with a new prospect. I was able to secure a contract for branding at $20k as I was able to show the value of the process on its own merit, and then I was able to add additional revenue of $16k for design after the branding process was complete. If this had occurred before, I would have done many of the branding steps while I was putting the design together without receiving the additional compensation—doing most of the work for half of the income! 

"I was looking for a way to get better at sales, and this is it. It’s like learning a new language—I know I’ll get taken more seriously now on the CEO side. Your process works, your teaching works, EVERYTHING about this just works! And I’m realizing now how many of our clients really truly get it wrong. Now I can help them. I cannot thank you both enough!”

- C.J. Higginbotham, Leap Creative Services, Orlando, FL

"Extremely valuable process. I foresee our clients will reap benefits in the millions of dollars from this process, while we make an additional $100k in revenue for ourselves this year alone. That’s a good return for a small investment in training. It’s a no-brainer decision! I’m extremely happy I found Ed and Marcia.”

- Sergio Luna, Rojo 032, San Antonio, TX

This is the second in our series on building your business with branding. Put your name and email in the form above to make sure you can listen in!