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Why Sell Branding Strategy? I Just Want to Design 0

Why Sell Branding Strategy? I Just Want to Design

Posted by on Mar 8, 2019 in Blog

All over the Internet, logos can be had for a few dollars. Even Costco has entered the logo market with ads for $149 logos. Most printing services offer free design services as a loss leader to print. Alas, graphic design has become a commodity. And that commodity is not just for small to medium size enterprises, but international companies have also been known to throw designers under the bus for price. Why? Because they can.

Strategy (not logo design) can pull you out of the struggle. One very large asset we as designers seldom recognize and often just give away as a cost of doing business (another commodity attitude) is our keen intuitive sense, knowledge, and ability to be strategic thinkers. Designers can and should up the game by showing our true value to clients. Your brain matter is the perfect source material to develop and grow true brand experiences for your clients.

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Why design commoditization is a big problem 0

Why design commoditization is a big problem

Posted by on Jan 15, 2018 in Blog

At Brand Academy, our opinion is that commoditization is the biggest problem facing graphic design firms today. Thanks the the web, design has been reduced to a price—and with that, anyone with a computer thinks they have the wherewithal to design. With the advent of templates, any bozo can put together a pretty reasonable website at ridiculous prices.

How can we get around the commoditization challenge?
Designers world-wide are looking for answers to this problem. How can we become relevant again? I shouldn’t over simplify—of course there are many design shops that are flourishing, but even they are . . .

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How To Leave Same-Old, Same-Old Design Firms Behind 0

How To Leave Same-Old, Same-Old Design Firms Behind

Posted by on Apr 2, 2017 in Blog

What does every graphic design firm have in common? Well, just about everything.

If you happen to bundle a group of graphic design firm websites together and analyze them, you’ll quickly see they all appear very much alike. It’s as though they’re all singing from the same song sheet. They’re all using the latest web dynamics, all have a portfolio section, and all tout that they do branding. Not much differentiation here.

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